Diggbats busily burying Hot Air posts as spam; Update: LGF screencap added

Mark Seavey caught them with shovels in hand and took a screenshot. Why mark our stuff as spam? Because it’s an easy way to get the site blacklisted.

The Digg Spy page really is fun if you’re looking for a timewaster. Like Charles says, “it’s a real-time view of normally hidden left-wing totalitarian tactics.”

Click for full size.


Update: More from Seavey. Note that both the Ayaan Hirsi Ali clip and Charles’s post about the anniversary of the first Trade Center bombing are marked as “lame.”


Update: Limerick suggests below that we change their name from “Diggers” to “Diggbats.” So ordered. The switch has been made in the headline.

Update: Naturally, this post has also been trashed as spam. Bryan ‘capped it.