Audio flashback: Giuliani rants about ferrets; Update: Rudy the Reaganite?

The link to this was buried in some lefty lament that got picked up on Free Republic this weekend. You’ve got to jump through hoops to find it, but it’s worth the trouble. You’re going here, scrolling down to “Urban Nature” (Episode 146), clicking on the speaker symbol, then fast-forwarding to 22:00. A Google search reveals that some of the brighter lights in the important-action-alert community have written some pretty vicious rants on the subject, so look out for Ferretgate to bust wide open.

He’ll be at CPAC this weekend. Will Mike Stark show up and shove his way past security to confront America’s mayor on this key issue? If not him, who?

The new Gallup poll is out and, man, is Giuliani looking good just 90 short weeks before Election Day. But watch the trend:


It’s easy to guess what’s happening. Imagine what it’ll look like when they find out about the ferrets.

Also interesting:


Can it really be that Republicans despise the Goracle more than Hillary? (N.B.: They each have a net favorability rating of +10 among independents.) No wonder he’s telling his friends he’s not running. And how can Obama still lag that far behind Hillary among Democrats in net favorability? The numbers for her are +87/-10/3 and for him +62/-14/24. Obviously he’s going to close the gap, but how can he have a higher unfavorability rating on the left than the Glacier does, especially given her Catch-22 on the Iraq vote?

Exit question: Er, who’s Condi going to endorse?

Update: Giuliani was at the Hoover Institution today slathering on praise for the Gipper. But his remarks about foreign policy were the most interesting:

Meanwhile, in the Q&A session, Giuliani was first asked about his foreign policy experience, to which he quipped to laughter: “What makes you think that the mayor of New York City doesn’t need a foreign policy?” Admitting that the presidency is “primarily a foreign policy role,” Giuliani called foreign policy “an area of great interest to me,” and one that he has developed through 91 or 92 trips abroad, as well as through international work with his firm. Giuliani: “It’s something I know as well as anyone who’s running. … I know the world.”

When speaking about the war on terror — or rather, as he has renamed it, “the war of the terrorists against us” — Giuliani argued that we should be comparing the war not to America’s struggle in World War II, but to the Cold War. In the Q&A session, Giuliani also took the opportunity to condemn the congressional non-binding resolutions as “a way to be safe. It was a way to not make a tough choice.”