Video: Secular saint endorses "rock star"!

“The Goracle” will get his Oscar tonight, thereby completing his metamorphosis from leaden wonk into Hollywood celebrity. That’s why they love him — he’s one of them now, but with the political credibility they crave and, for the most part, lack. Although with Franken now in the race in Minnesota, the cross-pollination between Hollywood and Washington is clearly increasing. The question is how dumb things can get.

Answer: this dumb.

The dopey WaPo piece about Gore being on a first-name basis with Ludacris does contain a nugget of actual news. There’d been some question about whether he’d be allowed onstage tonight if his movie won, since he’s not one of the producers. Unless one of the seat-warmers tries to bodyblock him, he will be:

“AIT,” as Team Gore calls it, is also the hot pick tonight for Best Documentary, and if its director, Davis Guggenheim, wins an Oscar, he plans to bring Gore along with him to the stage to accept the golden statuette and perhaps say a few words about . . . interstitial glacial melting? (More likely, Gore will deliver a favorite line about “political will being a renewable resource.”)

Here’s Carter chatting with Stephanopoulos this morning about his eventual successor as King Humanitarian and that troublesome sentence from his book that seems to endorse Palestinian violence. George S. neglected to ask him to define “terrorism;” Carter’s answer might have surprised him.