Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali schools Darrell Issa on dhimmitude

What she says about targeting Saudi Arabia is silly, mainly because the west collectively lacks the bravery and commitment she has personally in such abundance. The Saudis have us over a, er, barrel, not only with the oil weapon, not only with the religious demagoguery that would be unleashed if the “land of the two holy mosques” was threatened, but with the fact that whatever regime would succeed the royals would almost certainly be worse than they are. (Which, incidentally, is also the problem in Pakistan and pretty much everywhere else except Iran.) She’s willing to bear any burden to fight this fight. Most of the rest of the world isn’t. So we’re stuck trying to play dominoes with Afghanistan and Iraq.

Her response to Issa is pure gold, though. Rarely will see you a career politician handled this deftly. And give Maher this much credit: there aren’t many shows on American television that would be comfortable letting Hirsi Ali riff.