Slapfight: LGF vs. Digg; Update: Diggers burying Michelle's posts as "spam"

Even a blog titan like CJ doesn’t have enough troops to win this war, but his cause is noble (if, alas, lost). We installed the new Digg button here a few days ago on his advice, but haven’t had much success with it. He’s had great success with it at LGF, with posts appearing regularly now on Digg’s front page — and then promptly buried by the overwhelmingly liberal readership over there.

I’ve asked you guys before to make more of an effort at Digging stuff, but honestly, I think we’re past the tipping point now to make a difference on that site. Please do go over and read/Digg Charles’s post about all this, though; it’d be nice to get that one on Digg’s front page and make it stick for awhile. And follow his link about “Digital Maoism.” It’s heady stuff for a Saturday afternoon, but very important.

Update: See Ace’s last update. The screenshot is priceless.