Video: Former ACLU chapter prez arrested for child pornography

We’re getting a lot of requests for this clip, so here you go.

It bears stating up front that he could be innocent. He could be writing a book on child abuse, say, and wanted to see just how bad it can get.

But if he’s writing a book, he’s researching it awfully thoroughly.

Federal agents arrested Charles Rust-Tierney, the former president of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU, Friday in Arlington for allegedly possessing child pornography.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by ABC News, Rust-Tierney allegedly used his e-mail address and credit card to subscribe to and access a child pornography website.

The complaint states that federal investigations into child pornography websites revealed that “Charles Rust-Tierney has subscribed to multiple child pornography website over a period of years.”…

Rust-Tierney admitted to investigators that he had downloaded videos and images from child pornography websites onto CD-ROMs, according to the complaint.

He also coaches youth sports, which means we might be in for a reminder of what “chickenhawk” used to mean before the left refashioned it for Iraq (but not Afghanistan!).