Video: Dreadfully tedious anti-American Iranian cartoons

Just once, just once, I want to be surprised by something funny or clever or cutting in their propaganda. But it’s the same crap time after time, notwithstanding the occasional flash of creativity in how they present it. The closest thing to sharp satire here is the scene with the conveyor belt — except that they don’t say what the conveyor belt’s supposed to be. Poor pre-war planning? Jihadist resoluteness? Jack Murtha? As it is, it’s about as incisive as a drawing of a U.S. soldier sinking in a swamp with a caption reading “Quagmire.”

They should learn from the North Koreans, who at least know the value of a killer soundtrack. Click the image to watch.


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Duane Patterson 11:21 AM on June 01, 2023