Rasmussen: Rudy 52, Hillary 43

Bad week for the Glacier. A payola scandal’s brewing, her spokesman’s throwing spotlights on the arguments against her, and just today saintly terrorist apologist Jimmy Carter threw his great moral weight behind his successor as the conscience of the free world.

And now here comes Rasmussen to tell us that, head to head with Giuliani, she’s easily the weakest of the Democratic big three. Rudy beats Obama and Edwards, too, but only 46-40 and 46-44(!), respectively. (In fact, he’s the only Republican candidate who beats Edwards, and the only one with a favorable rating above 54%. His is 70%.) What explains his big lead over Hillary? Simple: independents hate her.

Clinton is viewed favorably by 50% and unfavorably by 48%. The last four times that Rasmussen Reports has polled on a Giuliani-Clinton race, Clinton’s support has remained unchanged at 43%.

While both candidates draw reasonable levels of support from within their own party, Giuliani has an enormous 64% to 27% advantage over Clinton among unaffiliated voters.

Even McCain, who’s a point behind Edwards and tied with Obama head to head, beats her (by a point).

Exit question: Is Ace right? Is she done?

Bonus exit question: Are Rudy, McCain, and Romney also done, thereby creating a power vacuum into which comes a man…