Moron dons Bush mask, begs New Yorkers to kick his ass

And an all-too-willing city obliges.

Sure it’s dumb. But is it art?

Performance artist Mark McGowan kicked off his bid to crawl for 72 hours across Manhattan dressed as the president, offering the opportunity to kick his backside…

“It felt real good to kick Bush,” said Casmirr Sharp, 52, of New York’s Queens borough. “He really deserves more than a kick.”

McGowan said he does not have any particular political stance on the Republican president, who has seen his approval ratings plunge in the face of an unpopular war in Iraq.

Exit question: Sly commentary on the depths to which liberals are willing to stoop to gratify their BDS or standard not-sure-what-I’m-saying-but-I’m-saying-it-quirkily performance art?