Video: Murtha lays out the slow-bleed strategy

This is being advertised on its YouTube page as a message to but I can’t find any evidence of that except the author’s bare assertion. No matter. The creepy takeaway will please war opponents of every stripe:

Our troops are caught in the middle of an Iraqi civil war that only the Iraqi people can solve themselves.

As fragrant euphemisms go, you can do a lot worse than “solve.” Jarhead-turned-director J.D. Johannes examines that poll posted yesterday at Drudge and wondering what the backlash might be like — for Democrats — if Grandpa Simpson here has his way:


Johannes is right, though, to commend Murtha for his shrewdness as a tactician. Bryan’s already written about the cleverness of the slow bleed strategy, but one point which (I think) hasn’t been made is how it comports with the left’s baseline assumption of soldiers as victims. That was Kerry’s point in his botched joke, it was Rangel’s point in framing conscription in terms of class warfare, it was Murtha’s point last year when he basically blamed Bush for the Haditha killings by attributing them to the suspects’ “fatigue,” and now here it is again in the concept of insufficient “military readiness.” I’m surprised they haven’t used the word “victim” more in their talking points on this. “Bring the victims home,” “Victims out now,” etc. I’m sure they will in time. Something to look forward to.

Make sure you follow Johannes’s link to the Examiner piece about which party ultimately reaped the whirlwind for defeat in Vietnam.

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET