Video: Maj. Chuck Ziegenfuss on disgraceful conditions at Walter Reed Hospital

Can’t put it any better than the boss did:

The mess at the VA and in the military health care sysm is systemic and complicated. Political grandstanding on both sides of the political aisle has impeded reforms for years. The push to modernize and consolidate facilities, including Walter Reed, has been met with fierce resistance–exacerbated by bureaucratic edifice complex. That these failures to prioritize continue in war time unabated is damnable. Any light shone on the soldiers’ toll, whatever the motivations and prejudices of the WaPo reporters might be, is welcome, IMO…

I do hope all the left-wingers who are now newly enraged by problems at the VA sustain their interest beyond the time frame in which these stories maximize embarrassment of their political opponents. Supporting the troops takes much more than exploiting their neglect.

WaPo reports this morning that the military is scrambling to make repairs, especially to Building 18 where the Post found “mold, rot, mice and cockroaches.” Here’s milblogger Chuck Ziegenfuss on CNN discussing his own stay at the facility in 2005. Sounds like it’s been this way for years.