Uh oh: Another chlorine-gas bomb detonated in Iraq

Remember last month when they found a tank of the stuff in a truck bomb in Ramadi? There were no casualties from the gas in that attack, but the victims this morning weren’t so lucky:

A cloud of deadly toxic gas engulfed an Iraqi town Tuesday, killing six people and leaving dozens of others choking on fumes after a tanker carrying chlorine exploded outside a restaurant.

An Iraqi Interior Ministry officials said the blast in the town of Taji, 12 miles (20 km) north of Baghdad, was caused by a bomb on board the tanker.

There were contrasting figures on the casualty toll. Baghdad security plan spokesman Gen. Qassim Atta told state-run al-Iraqiya TV that five people died in the blast and 148 were poisoned by the gas.

AQ in Iraq under Zarqawi reportedly planned a gas attack on Jordan that could have killed 20,000 people. Exit question: Are WMDs on tap for the countersurge?


Update: Reuters:

It was not immediately clear if the chlorine truck blast was caused by a roadside bomb that hit the truck or if the vehicle itself was rigged with explosives as a makeshift chemical gas bomb.

One source at police headquarters said the truck was rigged with explosives, suggesting it was a “dirty bomb” employing a readily available substance used to purify water.