Is Iran on the ropes?

Here’s a little traffic for our favorite guestblogger, who’s got the good word about that Iranian economic implosion we’ve all been waiting for. No foreign investment = declining oil production = declining terror funds = happier days in Iraq and Lebanon and, insh’allah, regime change in Tehran. (And, natch, much higher gas prices for a good long while.) The key is getting Europeans to cut off their money; appealing to them on moral grounds won’t do it but the prospect of Iranian nuclear ICBMs might. We’ll know soon enough. And by “soon enough” I mean tomorrow.

Update: Barnett e-mails with a good point:

My question is … what will take the current regime’s place? a Jeffersonian Democracy? Or perhaps a tyrant who combines all the worst traits of Saddam Hussein and Khomeini.

Economic dislocations usually don’t produce good regimes.