Heart-ache: Rush notes HA's "liberal" criticism of "The Half-Hour News Hour"? Update: Report contradicted! Update: Audio added

I should caution that I didn’t hear this myself so I’m not sure what was said. But here’s the e-mail we just got:

At the top of the program, Rush mentioned Hot Air in the context of “liberal” comments related to the FNC program opening on Sunday night. You were lumped in with YouTube. I believe he was responding to the initial post on HA which was not very positive on the opening segment. There was nothing derogatory in the monologue – he stated it matter-of-factly.

Was anyone listening who can confirm/deny? I suspect it’s more a case of him having mentioned criticism of the show and referred to YouTube as “liberal,” which our correspondent mistakenly thought was aimed at us too. I’ll check the audio later when it’s posted at RL.com. If he did call us liberal, though, does that mean David Frum’s a liberal too? Because he thought the show reeked. In fact, the only guy I’ve read who’s raved about it — “flat-out, gut-wrenchingly funny,” “some of the funniest, most outrageous moments I’ve seen on a major TV network,” “a damn sight funnier than anything I’ve seen on TV in a while” — is Jason Apuzzo of Libertas, who also happens to be co-director of the Liberty Film Festival at which THHNH debuted last year.

Here’s a little more from the pilot that I didn’t get to post on Sunday.

Update: As I suspected, another e-mailer says El Rushbo said nothing of the sort:

I was just listening to Rush and he was not criticizing Hotair.com for comments on the show. He was just mentioning that his portion was posted on “Michelle Malkin’s Hotair.com” his exact words. In the context of liberals wanting him to die because of his cold symptoms and his appearance as president on THHNH. The comments he was referring to were Youtube’s comments and email’s he received. When he said it, I took it as more of a promotion of Hotair.com and not a criticism.

In case Rush fans are stopping by, here’s the clip with him and Ann Coulter:

Update: Here’s the audio. He didn’t call us or our commenters liberal at all; he said he got hate mail from liberals after the clip of him and Coulter was posted here and on YouTube and that you should have seen some of their comments.

Update (Ian): Rush has posted the whole segment here.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023