Are you ready for Senator Clenis?

What a shame that neither BJ nor Dubya produced any male heirs. The obvious next move in this little dynastic arc we’re on would have been for one of their offspring to marry into the family of the other, with the spawn of that unholy union crowned king (or queen) of America.

Let that thought warm you on this chilly President’s Day.

If Hillary Rodham Clinton wins the presidency, some top Democrats would like to see her husband, former President Bill Clinton, appointed to serve out Hillary’s unexpired Senate term…

Such a scenario is not beyond the realm of possibility now that the governor’s mansion in New York is occupied by a Democrat, Eliot Spitzer, who succeeded Republican Gov. George Pataki last month. If Hillary Clinton wins the White House, Spitzer would likely appoint a fellow Democrat to take over her Senate seat…

Although Ickes would love to see Bill Clinton in the Senate, he considers the scenario a long shot.

“I think there’d be a real call on [Spitzer] to appoint a black senator,” Ickes said. “I think there’d be a real call on him to appoint a Hispanic senator.”…

Political analysts say a Senate seat for Bill would go a long way toward solving a potentially nettlesome problem for Hillary — what to do with her husband if they return to the White House.

They make him sound like a big dog or something, like Hillary’s going to “crate” him in the Senate to avoid having him track up the carpet in the West Wing. Look, obviously his skills could be useful to her in moving through legislation, but I can’t imagine she’d be eager to share the political stage. He’d be probably be more useful to her as a sort of ambassador-at-large, traveling the globe on a big apology tour and maybe stopping off for awhile in the Middle East to “heal” Israelis and Palestinians and do a few photo ops with Hamas. Plus, we know that the left is deeply, deeply sensitive to separation of powers issues. Do they really want the chief executive literally in bed with a prominent member of the Senate, as unseparated as two branches could possibly be? That way lies fascism, my friends.

If that’s not depressing enough, apparently now Richard Mellon Scaife thinks Clinton was just swell as president and so, hey, how bad could Hillary be? Exit question one: Scaife’s obviously not going to be the right-wing George Soros we’ve hoped for, so who will? Exit question two: Given the rancid state of the left today, isn’t Scaife right? Isn’t Clinton, for all his personal faults and weakness on terrorism, fairly reasonable by comparison?