Video: Hillary says, start the pullout in 90 days -- or else

She can’t/won’t apologize to the left for her Iraq vote so she’s going to make it up to them on the back end. Obama wants the pullout done by March ’08; here she one-ups him by demanding that it start by June. No particular reason why, except as a demonstration of her supposed urgency. And if Bush doesn’t comply? She’ll call on Congress to revoke the Authorization to Use Military Force, which I think would be constitutional and Captain Ed doesn’t, although we both agree it doesn’t have a hope in hell of passing with the two-thirds majority needed to override the inevitable veto (and maybe not even the 60 votes needed to invoke cloture). Which, in fact, might explain why she’s willing to push it: if the left managed to force a pullout before the surge had a fair chance to work, the GOP would accuse them of having cheated us out of victory when it was within reach. If they let it play out but push hard for doomed-to-fail withdrawal measures, they eliminate that charge while also proving their anti-war bona fides to their base. It’s an empty threat, in other words, and Hillary knows it, but it gives her what she needs at the moment.

Plenty of stale crap here too about the surge being the “same flawed plan” we’ve tried before (it isn’t) and the all-important “international conference” at which Assad and Ahmadinejad are magically going to emerge as team players. Not mentioned, because it never ever is: what she expects Iraq will look like a year from now if her plan is adopted.

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