Video: Anti-Mormon heckler denounces Romney

And is promptly and appropriately booed for it. Alas, too late to prevent the sudden onset of heart-ache in our most hysterical pundit, who explains the crowd’s reaction as a sort of red-on-red “Christianist” operation before seizing on Romney’s remark at the end as proof of his own religious bigotry. Tom Bevan has details and speculates as to why the excitable one isn’t more excited about Rudy, whose “conservative soul” in many respects seems to resemble Sully’s. Maybe, hints Bevan, Sullivan’s politics are so invested now in slaying the evangelical dragon that he can’t afford a Giuliani victory. If the Bible Belt turns out for a pro-gay, pro-choice candidate, whither “Christianism”?

As for Sully slamming Romney for wanting a faith-based presidency, point taken. But why cry about it? Most people agree with him and that won’t be changing anytime soon. After all, it’s not Mormons bringing up the rear on this list:


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