Audio: Is John Ondrasik the anti-Mellencamp?

I came for the illicit thrill of hearing a popular entertainer take a moderately right-wing line, but, to my surprise, most enjoyed the chat about the music biz. I’m not a huge fan of Five for Fighting; I like “Superman” like everyone else, but the poignant piano ballads one after another can get to be a drag. A little less “Candle in the Wind,” a little more “Crocodile Rock,” you know? Seems like a very decent guy, though, and his points about celebrity political posturing in the face of an Iraqi genocide are well taken. Plus, he’s mensch enough to play Gitmo, where his performance of “100 Years” should take on a delightfully comic overtone.

If you don’t have time to listen to it all, the political stuff starts at around 13:30.

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