First review of Fox comedy show: It's an atomic bomb; Update: Promo video added

Sounds like that clip I posted yesterday was some of the stronger material, god help us:

This show was meant to be a conservative version of “The Daily Show.” It is a botch.

“The 1/2 Hour News Hour” does not comment on what is happening; it simply takes swipes at people. These people include Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton, Dennis Kucinich, Barack Obama and Ed Begley Jr. Other joke topics are the ACLU, Time magazine, children’s books and global warming.

Laughter, of an awfully canned variety, greets all the gags. Nothing happening on screen justifies these outbursts.

Hey, I’m all for a good dig at the high and the mighty. But these satirists fall short of hitting their targets with wit, timeliness or punch…

Fox News Channel will offer a second episode at 10 p.m. March 4. If we’re lucky, we’ll never hear of this dreadful show again.

Even discounting for the presumed anti-FNC liberal bias of the reviewer, it’s a pan. Which brings us to our exit question, per an e-mail exchange I was privy to this morning involving bloggers who shall remain nameless: with this show poised to do for conservative humor what “Pink Lady and Jeff” did for variety, is it better if Fox just pulls the trapdoor and walks away whistling?

Update: False flag!

The new FoxNews’ show is, because it is playing on an ostensibly all-news network, is thus compelled to follow Tina Fey’s mistake, albeit with even weaker material. Material so weak, in fact, that one suspects the writers are all liberals deliberately sabotaging the show, or so horribly out of touch with conservative opinion as to have no real idea what a conservative might find funny, or — likeliest of all — convinced conservatives are abject morons who will not get a joke unless it’s seltzer-down-the-pants woca-woca-woca sledgehammer obvious.

Update: Dear god.