Video: Ahmadinejad trying to find new ways to love

And just like that, Diane’s trip was worth it.

If he wants new ways to love, I’ve got two words: Chocolate. Bath.


Be sure to follow that last link. The quote of the day lies buried within!

Update: As usual, if he needs help, the French can assist.

Update: Heart-ache.

Question: Is there anything surprising or personal about president Ahmadinejad that we didn’t know?

Sawyer: It turns out somebody told me that he cries a lot. He is dramatically sympathetic. So I asked him, “Are you often in tears?”

Ahmadinejad answered Sawyer during their interview, saying:

Yes, that’s true. Not overwhelm for Iranians, of course, they are very close to me and I love all Iranians. And anywhere — when I see people suffering I have the same reaction, and we feel sad for people of Iraq, for the people of Palestine. Anywhere we have war, we feel sad. Even when I see on TV, for example, some Americans, because of tornadoes or a hurricane, they have lost their homes, I become sad.

Because, for us, human beings are respectable, no matter where they are. Human beings are respectable and they have their own dignity. And all of us should help so that people should lead better lives to live at peace. And to live in peace and brotherhood. In the viewpoint of our religion, all people are respectable, and they must be loved. Regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or religion. This is part of our religious teachings, and we’ll live with this religion.

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David Strom 6:01 PM on June 05, 2023