Video: Obama says lives of troops killed in Iraq were "wasted"

Now we know for sure he’s not the messiah. The messiah doesn’t make mistakes.

Of course he thinks their lives were wasted. Everyone on the anti-war side does; that’s one of the reasons they want to end the war. But they can’t say that because it dishonors the dead so they’re forced into rhetorical pretzels like the one Pelosi tied herself into a few weeks ago with Diane Sawyer. Army Lawyer summed up her position at the time thusly: “They didn’t die for nothing, they died for something stupid.”

Submitted for your disapproval, then: Obama on the campaign trail yesterday in Iowa…

…versus Pelosi on GMA on January 19th. Click the image to watch; the relevant segment is at 4:20.


Update: Jim Treacher wonders if Obama is the Shane McMahon of American politics.