Video: Murtha rips Howard, says Iraqis will rout AQ "the minute we're gone"

From the mind that brought you an over-the-horizon redeployment to Okinawa comes this latest exercise in magic and wonder, in which a Sunni population threatened with ethnic cleansing chooses to fight the Sunni jihadis in its midst instead of coopting them for battle against the Shiites. Or am I misunderstanding Murtha and what he really means is that the Shiites themselves will “get rid” of Al Qaeda in the course of massacring pretty much every last Sunni in the country?

He also drops a variation of the chickenhawk argument on John Howard, thanking him for his contribution to the war effort but noting that it’s simply too insubstantial to make Murtha care much one way or another what he thinks. A few more dead Australian soldiers and then, maybe, he’ll listen. So much for Peter Pace’s opinion, eh?

Note: the clip has been slightly edited.

David Strom 4:41 PM on September 26, 2022