Video: Glenn Beck interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali

One last plug for AHA’s new book, currently pulling five stars at Amazon. Unlike the other interviewers she’s spoken with this week, Beck recognizes he’s in the presence of greatness and reacts accordingly. He also gets her to laugh. Wait until you hear what he said to prompt it.

It gets better as it goes along. Stick with it. And don’t miss Melanie Phillips on two British Muslims who share the same concerns as Hirsi Ali, if not the same religion.

Update: Is Hirsi Ali qualified to blog for John Edwards?

Do you see any positive sides to Islam?
That’s like asking if I see positive sides to Nazism, communism, Catholicism. Of course Islam preaches generosity and kindness and taking care of the poor and elderly and so on – but these values aren’t limited to Islam. If you weigh what is provided in terms of kindness and humanity against the evil that can come from a society built on radical Islam, you will see that liberals must stand up to this like they’ve stood up to other ideologies.

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