Video: Cafferty asks Blitzer, "Is Anna Nicole Smith still dead, Wolf?"

Thanks to Bob Owens for tipping us to this. Death brings out the jackass in many of us, including some commenters — or rather, ex-commenters — on this very site. Not so in the case of Jack Cafferty; his inner jackass is always out and proud. Here’s the latest example, in which he expresses his displeasure with CNN’s blanket coverage of Anna Nicole Smith’s death as only a true jackass can. His defeatism about the surge at the beginning of the clip isn’t related, but I thought it’d be a fun bonus.

And here’s another curiosity from earlier in the day, recorded several hours before Smith’s body was found: Rosie O on “The View” noting the sad state Smith was in. Probably no one in the world outside of ANS’s own family feels as bad as Rosie does right now. I hope she doesn’t take heat for it; kicking her is always fun, but she shouldn’t have to pay for a coincidence.

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