Heart-ache: Islamist parasite Abu Izzadeen arrested for inciting terrorism; Update: Whitewash headlines added!

It’s bittersweet. How can it not be? He’s practically the mascot of this site, from his first big splash this summer to the famous heckling incident with Home Secretary John Reid to his ill-fated attempt at finding a few new wives through an online personals ad to his cameo at the debate last month at Trinity College, in which he informed the kuffar attendees that he wanted to drink their blood.

Now, suddenly, the content tap has been turned off. Heart-ache.

I figured the arrest must be related to the video discovered last week of him calling for the beheading of British Muslim soldiers, but Sky says nope: “It is understood to relate to a speech he gave in the West Midlands area – thought to be Birmingham – last year.” The beheading speech was reportedly filmed in London in 2004.

Do we know of any speeches he delivered in Birmingham last year? Why, yes we do. Could this be crown exhibit A?

The good news? Izzadeen is gone but his legacy of whining remains.

Update: Rusty sends the link to this jihadist bulletin board, where prayers for the parasite’s well being are already rolling in.

Update: Here’s how some of the media are describing the arrest of a guy who wants Muslims decapitated for defending their country.