Aussie FM: European anti-Americanism encourages jihadis

An obvious attempt, per the Breck Girl’s logic, to “hijack the debate” and silence America’s critics by reminding the popular front that its dissent really, truly, actually can have tangible consequences no matter how charmingly irrelevant they consider it to be.

“People in the West, and not only in Europe, blame America for a suicide bomber in a market in Baghdad,” he said.

“That only encourages more horrific behaviour. Every time there is an atrocity committed, it is implicitly America’s fault, so why not commit some more atrocities and put even more pressure on America?”

Mr Downer added: “The al-Qa’eda leadership has said on many occasions that more than 50 per cent of the battle is a battle in the media. The more you can get media denigration of America, the more that the war against terrorism is seen to be an indictment of America, the better for those who started this war.”…

“It’s very rude to say these people want to help al-Qa’eda. They don’t. But obviously America’s enemies take comfort from continual attacks on America by America’s friends,” he said. “Before you leap out there and vigorously attack America, think about what you’re saying and the consequences of what you’re saying.”

Exit question: Since we know that Rethuglikkkans and their Anglosphere poodles always operate from ulterior motives, what’s Downer’s ulterior motive here? His overt motive is winning the war — a motive we know the left passionately shares — but what’s the sinister secret angle he’s working under cover of that?

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