Patriarchy nearly done crushing Edwards blogger's dissent; Salon: Edwards fires Marcotte

I haven’t written about this yet because I still can’t quite believe it. Marcotte’s been a punchline on Goldstein’s site for years; to see her suddenly materialize as lead blogger for a major presidential candidate is like the cat lady from the Simpsons being hired as White House press secretary. To call her a caricature of a doctrinaire feminist doesn’t even scratch the surface. Imagine a vicious parody of a vicious parody of a doctrinaire feminist and you’re at the appropriate remove of cartoonishness.

The Catholic League took it mainstream yesterday and now the buzzards are circling. Quote: “Mr. Edwards’s spokeswoman, Jennifer Palmieri, said Tuesday night that the campaign was weighing the fate of the two bloggers.” (The other is Melissa McEwan, a.k.a. Shakespeare’s Sister, a.k.a. “Queen C— of F–k Mountain.”) Picture poor Citizen John, glumly pondering his options while he stares vacantly through one of Xanadu’s many, many picture windows. If he keeps them on staff, he accepts their bigotry by implication. If he lets them go, he alienates the nutroots cretins he’s counting on to push him over the top — and at the very moment he’s taken the lead in their straw poll, too.

Barnett’s started the pink-slip equivalent of a dead pool. I don’t like to see anyone fired, no matter how much they deserve it, so I won’t participate. But I will make a prediction. If you think you’ve seen the worst of Marcotte, wait ’til the axe finally falls and she gets to respond to the uproar at Pandagon, using her idiom of choice instead of the diplospeak the campaign’s momentarily forced on her. The “patriarchy” will be blamed, the F-bomb ostentatiously deployed (conspicuous profanity being shockingly “unladylike” and therefore mandatory for the liberated consciousness), and the anti-Christian insults will come faster and furiouser — and filthier — than ever. Which, ironically, will only confirm the campaign’s good sense in deciding to can her. And of course, virtually to a man/woman, the nutroots will rally behind her. If that means mainstreaming someone who enjoys a little Virgin Mary/semen humor as part of her arguments about birth control, hey. The right wing is criticizing her; that’s all they need to know, just like it was all they needed to know about Jamilgate vis-a-vis the AP.

I leave you with Captain Ed and E.M., both of whom are looking at this in terms of the fallout for bloggers generally. This part from the latter’s post brought me up short:

Honestly, its time to let Amanda go. Let her and her “so rebellious its conformist” ideas be on her way. If we continue on the current path, we are signing away a license to skewer mercilessly any blogger ever hired by any Republican Presidential campaign without mercy. Its open season on everyone. There’s no political job that any of us can take without the understanding that we will now be vivisected for our very beliefs. And thats not something we are looking forward to.

Exit question: Laying aside the fact that it’s less her beliefs than her manner of expressing them that’s sunk Marcotte, does Em, can Em, possibly believe that the nutroots wouldn’t have gone after, say, Jeff Goldstein with ten times the fury if he’d been hired on somewhere? Like Good Lt. says, does anyone, left or right, think for a minute that Misha would be allowed to skate on free-speech grounds? We’re well, well past this point now. And here’s a bonus exit question for you: The left was mighty peeved that the Washington Post didn’t do one of those “routine” comprehensive plagiarism background checks on Ben Domenech before they hired him. Where’s their outrage now at Edwards for committing the same sin of omission and bringing on someone who makes them look like hateful, anti-Catholic boors?

Update: Jennifer Palmieri, the Edwards spokeswoman quoted by the Times, has appeared on this site before. Hmmm.

Update: Well, there you go. Shakespeare’s Sister got the boot too, apparently.

Update: Glenn’s thinking ahead.

A lot of the lefty bloggers are up in arms that this has become a scandal. (The desperation is apparent in posts like this one, especially when you follow the links back and compare the actual posts with Marcotte’s blogging). I suspect that this is because a lot of them would like to join the establishment, and now fear that their prior anti-establishment rantings will get in the way. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s more Pandagon-like airbrushing of blog archives over the next few weeks.

Update: In refusing to fight the right and its outrageous habit of accurately quoting Marcotte’s verbal turds, Edwards has fatally disappointed the fightin’ nutroots. And now, says Hotline, he must pay:

Todayt, Stoller makes clear Marcotte is Edwards first “bar fight” moment. Fellow MyDDer Chris Bowers asks Edwards: “Are you willing to point out the double standards and hypocrisy behind this story, or will you cave to even the mildest pressure from the Republican Noise Machine?”…

Daily Kos diarist wilbur also sees “an extraordinary opportunity” and urges Edwards to “rally the netroots troops and hit back hard.”

If Edwards understood what he was doing when he hired Marcotte, he must follow the advice of Bowers and Wilbur. When Edwards hired Marcotte he signed up to a hard hitting unapologetic movement, a movement whose rhetoric is, shall we say, not always appreciated in the mainstream. If he backs off the ethos now, he can kiss their support away forever.