Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali argues with Alan Colmes about Islam

Her new book, “Infidel” (shouldn’t it be “Apostate”?), is out today, prompting a rare AHA sighting last night on American television. Hannity probably wanted her on as one of the main segments and Colmes probably didn’t want her on at all, so they compromised: they gave her three minutes at the very end of the show, right before a segment on Whoopi Goldberg.

More than enough time for a little fun at Colmesy’s expense, though.

The Guardian published a red-meat interview-slash-book-review last weekend. Quote:

‘Tariq Ramadan is filled with contempt for Muslims because he believes they have no faculties of reason,’ she replies in a beguilingly friendly tone, as though she had remarked that he had an excellent taste in shirts. ‘If I say that terrorism is created in the name of Islam suddenly they take up terrorism? He gives me so much more power than I have. Why don’t my remarks make him turn to terrorism? Because he’s above that. Like many believers in multiculturalism, he puts himself on a higher plane…’

She also argues that it’s important to address white liberals because they need to overcome the self-censoring effects of post-colonial guilt. ‘If you want to feel guilty,’ snaps Hirsi Ali, ‘feel guilty that you didn’t bring John Stuart Mill and left us only with the Koran. It doesn’t help to say my forefathers oppressed your forefathers, and remain guilty forever.’…

She characterises the manner in which liberals sidestep such details as a confusion of facts and strategy. ‘Some people will accept that Islam is backward but they’re not going to say that because Muslims will be offended. “We want them to become liberals, so we’re just going to trick them into a secular humanistic way of thinking.”‘ At this she lets out a giggle, as if tickled by the absurdity of the idea. ‘But people are aware of what’s going on. That’s why many Muslims are suspicious of liberals. Because they know they are not being taken seriously.’

Perhaps a more telling symbol of the growing cultural gap between mainstream Western society and doctrinaire Islam is the veil. Again Hirsi Ali does not look around for a fence to sit on. ‘The veil,’ she says, ‘is to show that women are responsible for the sexual self-control of men.’ It’s a surgical observation, cutting right through to the bone of the issue. She goes on to note that in all communities where the veil is actively observed boys are not taught to restrain themselves. ‘They look upon all those who are not veiled as women who are looking for sexual contact and they just go about molesting and being a nuisance.’

Update: MM tells me she’s trying to schedule an interview with Hirsi Ali for Vent.