Heart-ache: GOP insiders say Hillary presidency is (almost) inevitable

This is the intraparty equivalent of that Osama ad they dropped a few weeks before the election.

These are the stakes:


No, seriously, though, she’s going to win.

In GOP circles, the Democratic front-runner is seen as so strong, and the political climate for Republicans so hostile, that many influential voices — including current and former lawmakers, and veterans of President Bush’s campaigns — have grown despairing…

Even some well-connected outside advisers to Bush … are advising Republicans that it will be next to impossible to win the White House if Bush’s popularity remains so low, and public disgust with the war so high. Beyond the polls, some said there are gaps between the organizational prowess of the Clinton operation and any of the Republicans currently competing for the nomination…

The conservative movement, ascendant for much of the Bush presidency, is now divided and dispirited. GOP leaders report that it is harder than ever to organize Republicans around a common cause and that Democrats have made progress in recent years in rebuilding the infrastructure of their party. In this mood of malaise, the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency is one prod leaders use to shock conservative troops into action.

Tom DeLay, for one, is ready for a political Rapture:

Reflecting the views of many well-known Republicans, DeLay thinks a Clinton juggernaut may provide the flattening the party needs in order to be reborn in Reagan’s mold. “Hillary Clinton as president may be the best thing that ever happened to the conservative movement and the Republican Party,” says the man known as the Hammer. “I mean, Bill Clinton as president was the best thing that ever happened to the Republican Party. It was because he was president that we gained the majority in 1995.” And he would know.

Exit question: Does the future of the Republican Party rest in this man’s hands?


Update: Perfect: “Iraqi Premier Admits Errors in Introducing Security Plan in Baghdad.”

Update: First Cintra Wilson, now Jonathan Alter. Acquaint yourself with the “Giuliani as Darth Vader” meme; you’ll be seeing much more of it from the nutroots the longer his numbers stay afloat.