Finally: Jew-hating journalist -- the video game

It’s all here. Write sensational reports about massacres that never happened! Stage photos of weeping Palestinian women! Devise new and ever more creative euphemisms for “terrorist”! Commission editorial cartoons of Ehud Olmert drinking Arab infants’ blood! Then advance to the Bilal Hussein Round, where you’ll embed with the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade as they stage daring raids on Israeli kindergartens! The game is over when Palestine is Judenrein and you get an offer from Al Jazeera.

Believe it or not, you can actually set a bias level:

A game based in the midst of the conflict in the Palestinian territories is set to be the latest release in the trend of politically-conscious gaming…

The player must navigate between different Palestinian and Israeli sources to get to the truth of a story.

“You can take a pro-Palestinian angle, a balanced angle, or a pro-Israeli angle,” said Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, of Serious Games Interactive.

Yeah, I know, the article’s old. But the game’s due for release shortly. Hence the news angle.

Exit question advice: Don’t play against anyone from the UK. Click the image to watch.


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