Video: Jihadis shriek "Allahu Akbar" after helicopter strike

Four choppers down in the past two weeks and the military’s not sure how they did it. Luckily, and true to form, the parties responsible have decided to give them a hint by posting this on the Internet. Any of our military readers have an idea? Obviously it’s some sort of shoulder-mounted weapon, but I assume the Apache already has defenses built-in against most known types of those. Or am I wrong, and this is less a case of technological innovation than jihadis simply being supplied with weapons they didn’t have access to before?

And if so, who’s supplying them?

Take comfort in the fact that, with the security crackdown looming and Sadrists lurking in the shadows, the guy heard screaming here will almost certainly be dead soon, if he isn’t already.

Update: Hmmm.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023