Report: Border Patrol agent brutally beaten by illegals in prison

First I threw you the Dungy video, now I’m tossing chum in the water about the convicted BP officers. See how shamelessly I pander to you guys when some of our commenters call for me to be replaced with other, more popular bloggers?

Awful if true:

The assault occurred at 10:00pm Saturday night (2/3), apparentely following the airing of America’s Most Wanted. According to Ramos’ uncle:

“Nacho was assaulted Saturday night around 2200 by about five illegal immigrants. He has multiple and severe injuries. They put him in Isolation for now, he has not been allowed to see a doctor since Saturday. They were yelling at him in Spanish, Maten a la migra. which means kill the Border Patrol Agent.”

Another family member said Nacho was attacked after he fell asleep Saturday night. Assaulters went after him with repeated blows and kicks. Ramos suffered wounds to his back, shoulder, arms and head. There is concern that Agent Ramos was not given medical treatment after the incident and may not have received medical attention for up to 48 hours. An investigation is expected to be launched Tuesday.

Let me see if I have this right. We have a guy in jail who’s not only a police officer but whom members of the president’s base regard as a political prisoner wrongfully convicted as part of some murky executive-branch vendetta against border enforcement. And not only does the prison staff not isolate him from the general population, not only do they not take special precautions to protect him, not only do they not treat him after he’s brutally beaten, but, it’s suggested, they actually let the prisoners watch the episode of America’s Most Wanted in which he’s identified. All this, knowing that Bush himself is already being pressured to pardon these guys and would catch holy hell if something happened to them, especially if it involved convicts who were here illegally.

Now, I ask you — would Bush’s people really be that incompetent?

Answer: quite possibly, yeah.


Update: Like a moth to a flame, Jerome Corsi is on the case:

“‘What happened?'” Monica Ramos said she asked her husband. “He told me they were in the television room watching ‘America’s Most Wanted.’ After that, some time after 10 p.m., he went back to his cubicle and was almost falling asleep. He awoke to the sound of shoes stomping. It startled him because at night the prisoners are supposed to take their shoes off and put flip-flops on.”

She continued: “He said he didn’t have a chance to turn around and look at any of the guys attacking him at that time. He just felt a blow to the back of his head. The prisoners were kicking him with steel-toe shoes, the work boots they are issued in prison. They kept kicking and kicking. And they kept calling him in Spanish a **** immigration officer, saying ‘darle, darle,’ which means, ‘give it to him.’ They were cussing him out in Spanish. He couldn’t fight back he was outnumbered.”

According to Loya, Ramos also said of the attack: “They kicked me in the head, they kicked me all over the body. I’m all bruised and very sore.”

How did the attack stop?

“No security came to his rescue,” the jailed Border Patrol agent’s wife told WND. “Another inmate came and got Ramos and said ‘Hey, dude, let me help you up.’ The other inmate walked my husband over to security.”

Did the prison give him any medical treatment?

“As of the time we talked this afternoon, the prison still hadn’t given him any medical treatment,” she said, adding that he told her, “‘I asked all day yesterday.’ I’m in a lot of pain and I have blood coming out of my left ear.’

They kicked him in the head with steel-toe boots, hard enough to make him bleed from the ears 36 or so hours later, and he still hasn’t received medical treatment? My skepticism is mounting.

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