Jew-hating former Malaysian PM rips Bush, Blair at house of horrors exhibit

From the man who once labeled Israeli actions against Palestinians as worse than 9/11; decried the sodomites who populate the European “race”; encouraged young Muslims to follow the Koran by acquiring modern weapons — including nukes — to “strike fear in the hearts of the enemy;” whose party has been known to hand out free copies of “The International Jew”; who, in a bit of jihadist demagoguery so vile that it earned him a face-to-face rebuke from George W. Bush and a supportive op-ed from Paul Krugman, called on the Organization of the Islamic Conference to unite behind an anti-semitic agenda; who, of course, endorsed John Kerry for president in 2004; and whose own government when he was prime minister was accused of various and sundry human rights abuses comes this latest hunk of red meat for the useful idiots here in the west.

About 2,000 peace activists applauded on Monday as the leaders of the United States and Britain were branded “fascist war criminals” at a conference featuring gruesome exhibits of their alleged crimes…

“We shouldn’t hang Blair if the tribunal finds him guilty,” said Mahathir, who seemed to save his strongest venom for the British prime minister in an hour-long speech illustrated by pictures of wounded children, deformed babies and tortured men.

“He should always carry the label war criminal, killer of children and liar.”…

As Mahathir spoke in the main conference room, packed with students and legions of his supporters, tape-recorded screams of tortured men and orphaned babies echoed around the War Crimes Exhibition, a house of horrors on the floor below.

Visitors to the exhibition start by walking through a mock spray of white phosphorus, a chemical agent that burns flesh, before entering a torture chamber labelled “Torture methods used here were used on prisoners of Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib”.

Among the other speakers: cop-punching “peace” activist Cynthia McKinney.


Elsewhere today in Malaysia, the local shari’a courts are going to decide whether a Chinese man who was switched at birth and raised as a Muslim will be allowed to convert to Buddhism or whether he’ll be designated an apostate, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto.

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