Liberal EU MPs publish comic book

Trade policy, Robert’s Rules of Order, and the world’s nerdiest art form, all coming together in the service of left-wing, one-world party politics. Remember how magical the Senate scenes were in “The Phantom Menace”? This is even more magical than that.

Yannick Laude, a Liberal group spokesman who was responsible for the storyline, said the objective in producing the book was to try to hold the attention of visitors to the parliament.

“We noticed that they took the umbrellas and the pens, but threw away the policy leaflets before they walked out of the door,” she said. “This way we can get them to take some information back into their homes.”

Didn’t I say magical?


The whole thing’s available on the party website. Exit question: Did they make each page a separate PDF file for some obvious reason I’m not picking up on, or is this just good ol’ big government efficiency at work?

Update: AWESOME.