Video: Insufferable, overexposed celebrity parasite drops the N-bomb; Update: Video back up (Bumped)

It comes, allegedly, from the people at, the same outfit she’s suing for selling copies of her medical records and publishing photos of her personal effects. The suit was filed last week; this was posted on the ‘Tube today. Imagine what’s coming next if she doesn’t withdraw the complaint.

I doubt this’ll hurt her much. The nice thing about having a career that consists of being famous and not eating is that you can’t really ruin it. She could deny the Holocaust and, as long as she stayed away from carbs, she’d be golden.

The moment of truth comes at around 2:45, in case you just can’t wait.

Update: Seventeen minutes later, the video is gone. I knew I should have captured it. Imagine: jihadi videos stay up for months and months and months, but post a clip of a stick figure with a first-tier legal team spewing racist slurs and YouTube hauls ass to yank it down.

Feel free to use this as an open thread. And enjoy this clip of bizarro world’s greatest band. Shortly after it was filmed, they departed New Delhi on a much publicized spiritual pilgrimage to the holy city of Liverpool. The trip backfired, though, when George started experimenting with the local sound; from that point on, he insisted on inserting his incongruously melodic tracks into the band’s atonal sitar masterpieces.

Update: Even better than Indian Beatles — the king of bizarro pop.

Update: I’m bumping this back up because the Paris video was restored late last night, after most of our readers would have given up on the post.

I wonder what her BAL was when this was shot. Maybe not quite at “the Jews started all the wars in the world” level, but probably close.