Video: The Boston pranksters' surreal, moronic press conference

They frightened thousands, brought a city to a halt, then redeemed themselves with a bit of absurdist tedium that instantly won the hearts of left-wing Internet nerds everywhere.

Pretty gratifying to see the press played for idiots, though.

Exit question: Did the marketing firm that hired tell them to keep quiet?

Update: E.M. can’t for the life of her figure out what these tools have done that’s illegal. Nothing, probably, but a little less dickishness at the presser after having inadvertently caused a terror scare would have been appreciated.

Update: Some of our commenters are objecting that these guys didn’t frighten anyone, the police did by overreacting. It’s more accurate to say they didn’t intend to frighten anyone (which, incidentally, is why they probably committed no crime), but they were the ones hanging little mystery packages hither and yon. You really want to jump ugly with Boston PD here for erring on the side of caution?

Update: Our webmaster, Mark Jaquith, claims that it’s unfair to call them “hoaxers” in the headline since, as I’ve acknowledged, they didn’t intend to hoax anyone. Fair enough; I used it only because it’s how most people coming to the site will recognize them. I changed it to “pranksters” even though that’s not quite accurate either. Anyone got a better term? “Stoners”? That could be inaccurate, I guess, but … come on.