Video: Is Bush responsible for anti-semitic 9/11 conspiracy theories?

From Tuesday night’s Paula Zahn, although today seemed like a good day to run it what with news breaking about the big Truther/Holocaust denier convergence. Come for the “who told 4,000 Jews to stay away” freaks in the news segment, stay for the bottom feeders at the end blaming the Bushitler’s culture of fear for this shocking new phenomenon of “Zionists” being scapegoated for the world’s ills. Out of an eight and a half minute clip, I counted about 15 seconds devoted to the prevalence of the theory in the Muslim world and the rest to the handful of sideshow freaks who sell it here at home. Congrats to Paula and crew for keeping the problem in perspective. Your disgusting quote of the month, audible at the very end after the camera cuts to Deroy Murdock: “Pogroms will be next.”

Exit question: If Bush is the one stirring up Jew-hate, why is Wes “New York money people” Clark running as Democrat?