Video: Pelosi's daughter interviews Ted Haggard about baby-makin'; Update: Science vs. religion traffic bait added!

Admittedly this is crap, but it’s the sort of crap that’s apt to draw a few hundred comments. Plus, it gives me a chance to link back to Bryan’s superb post about l’affaire Haggard, which you must read if you haven’t yet. Quote:

The glee with which many have greeted Haggard’s fall is all too typical of the times. He was a man the vast majority of his new critics had never heard of until a day or two ago. It’s his position as head of a large church and of the National Evangelical Association that stirs up the hate in his critics’ hearts. Their behavior is neither humane nor, unfortunately, shocking anymore. That it comes mostly from people who support the lifestyle Haggard seems to have been leading underground shows that they hate the sinner but may well love the sin, a view that is the inverse of real morality and humanity.

Can’t knock Pelosi too much for putting it in her movie, though. If you were sitting on an irony bomb with this much payload, would you leave it on the cutting room floor?

Technically safe for work but capable of causing embarrassment if overheard, so I’m giving you a mild content warning.

Update: All right, here’s a little actual content for this post. The lovely KP comments on science and religion by invoking a subject for which Bryan’s criticized her several times on this site:

Often when people bring up things like, “How could God allow the Holocaust or genocide in Darfur?” my response is “How can WE allow those things?” We have the ability to deal with the evils of the world, and more often than not, we CHOOSE not to and then try and blame God for not stopping it. The Holocaust is actually a perfect example (and indeed the one most commonly raised by nonbelievers to prove that God cannot exist). We know we had the power to stop Hitler from killing Jews, because we ultimately did stop him. We just didn’t do it for a really really long time, and six million Jews perished while the world sat by and watched. So, the question really should be, what is wrong with us that we can sit by and allow horrible things — things we have the ability to stop — to continue to happen in the world?

An interesting, and staggeringly ironic, question coming from someone who opposed the Iraq war.