Video: BBC interviews Muslim man on the street after plot arrests

Tomorrow’s UK papers are out and the word from the Daily Mail is that this one might go all the way to, or near, the top:

A foiled plot to kidnap, torture and behead a British Muslim soldier was orchestrated by Al Qaeda, police sources have said.

Officers suspect the mastermind behind the appalling attempt to bring the horrors of Baghdad to the streets of Britain is a senior Al Qaeda terrorist with close links to Osama Bin Laden…

Security sources said that at least one other British Muslim – on a hit-list of 25 potential targets – had also been identified as being in “imminent danger”. He, too, was being kept safe.

The Independent dutifully runs the mandatory “local community fears backlash” piece:

Anxiously, locals insisted that they were as horrified by the work of terrorists as any other British nationals, that Islam was a religion of peace and that they would never condone violence in the name of faith.

A community which six years ago, before the September 11 attacks, was largely left in peace, famed for its diligence and law abiding nature, was again associated with terrorism. Wearily Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs alike voiced their fears of abuse to come.

Which brings us to the vid, courtesy of our pal kasper kasper. Quote: “The only terrorists that people think are here are the American and British governments for what they’re doing in Iraq.” Microcosm or outlier? And why, do you suppose, do the police raids that didn’t pan out seem to leap so quickly to his lips and not, say, this or this or this?

Asad Begg, huh? I wonder if he’s related to Moazzam.