Quebec town warns "immigrants": No burning women alive

And with this, the long awaited red breakfast meat graphic finally debuts.

A code of standards sent to the federal and provincial governments last week by Herouxville’s municipal council has put the town of 1,300 inhabitants, about 150 kilometres northeast of Montreal, at the centre of Quebec’s increasingly divisive debate over integrating minorities.

Among the information the municipality asks federal and provincial officials to distribute to potential immigrants:

– It is forbidden to stone women, burn them alive, throw acid on them or circumcise girls.

– Consumption of alcohol is common in Herouxville, as is dancing. “At the end of every year, we decorate a tree with balls and tinsel and some lights. This is normally called ‘Christmas decorations’ or also ‘Christmas tree.’ ”

– Boys and girls swim together in public pools.

– Veils are not welcome. “The only time you may mask or cover your face is during Halloween.”

Follow the link and scroll down for excerpts from the standards themselves; they are golden. And note the vaguely sarcastic refrain, “Don’t be surprised, this is normal for us.” Highlights:

Our Women We consider that men and women are of the same value. Having said this, we consider that a woman can drive a car, vote, sign checks, dance, decide for herself, speak her peace, dress as she sees fit respecting of course the democratic decency, walk alone in public places, study, have a job, have her own belongings and anything else that a man can do. These are our standards and our way of life.

However, we consider that killing women in public beatings, or burning them alive are not part of our standards of life…

Our Sports & Leisure For the longest time, boys and girls have played the same games and often play together. For example, if you came to my place we would send the kids to swim together in the pool. Don’t be surprised, this is normal for us. You would see men and women skiing together on the same hill at the same time. Don’t be surprised, this is normal for us. You would also see men and women playing hockey together. Don’t be surprised, this is normal for us…

You may not hide your face as to be able to identify you while you are in public. The only time you may mask or cover your face is during Halloween, this is a religious traditional custom at the end of October celebrating All Saints’ Day, where children dress up and go door to door begging for candy and treats.

All of us accept to have our picture taken and printed on our driver’s permit, health care card and passports –a result of democracy.

According to a town councillor, the e-mails they’ve received through their website are running 99% positive.

Exit question: The word “Hasidic” appears twice in the National Post’s article. Which word doesn’t appear at all?