France to experiment with paid "power naps" for workers

Probably not worthy of the red meat graphic but on a news day as putrid as this, it’s now or never.

If this works out, they’re going to move towards “advanced” Eurosocialism: paid storytime hours after lunch with little cartons of milk for all employees.

Mind you, this is on top of a work week that’s limited to 35 hours by law.

“Sleep must not be trivialised,” Xavier Bertrand, the Health Minister, said. The after-lunch nap is to be introduced by volunteer companies and studied for results. It could then be recommended for all employees, the minister said.

“Why not a siesta at work? The question must not be taboo,” Mr Bertrand said. “But let’s not get carried away. The siesta would be limited to 15 minutes. But if the study enables us to confirm the positive effects on concentration and quality of work, we must not hesitate to promote the concept.”…

Southern France used to indulge in the Mediterranean siesta but, despite the 35-hour maximum working week, office workers have long abandoned the traditional two-hour, wine-accompanied lunch. Many city workers have even adopted non-French habits such as sandwiches at the desk.

I have a, er, “friend” who works from home, on a laptop, often while lying in a hammock, and is given to dozing off on the boss’s dime for upwards of 90 minutes at a stretch. That is, when he’s not laughing at the suckers with real jobs.

It’s a good life. Or so he tells me.

Here’s the French Health Ministry webpage on power naps. Anyone willing to translate? Don’t be afraid to identify yourself as a French speaker; it’s no longer a bannable offense.