Miami planning massive Castro death party at the Orange Bowl

There’s no such thing as too much schadenfreude. In this case especially, but as a general rule as well.

What can I say? I’m Italian.

With Fidel Castro seriously ill, the city of Miami is making plans to throw a party at the Orange Bowl when the Cuban president dies.

The city commission earlier this month appointed a committee — whose official job is to “Discuss an event at the Orange Bowl in case expected events occur in Cuba” — to plan the party. Such a gathering has long been part of the city’s Castro death plan, but firming up the specifics has become more urgent since Castro became ill last summer and turned over power to his brother, Raul…

At the committee’s first meeting last week, former state Rep. Luis Morse stressed the need for an uplifting theme for the party — one not preoccupied with a human being’s passing. The committee discussed including such a theme on T-shirts that would be made by private vendors for the event.

Several questions have to be decided. What musicians would perform? The city hopes entertainers will donate their services. How long will the event last? Hours? Days? And how much will it cost?

Thousands upon thousands of dark-haired Cuban beauties, drinking and dancing in an ecstatic burst of revenge and liberation. It’s a news event; I must cover it. Help offset the cost of my trip by mailing your donations to the address on the Hot Air “about” page with the heading, “Send AP to the Castro death orgy.”

This will be my consolation prize for not getting to go to Iraq.