Fauxtography: A new one from Hezbollywood

Totten’s got it. He assumes a little more knowledge of Lebanese politics from his readers than we do from ours, so I’ll try to explain. The guy on TV holding the photo is Michel Aoun, a Lebanese Christian leader who’s aligned himself with Hezbollah. The guy in the photo pointing a gun at the Lebanese army is supposed to be a member of the Lebanese Forces, a rival Christian faction led by Samir Geagea, who’s currently aligned with the anti-Syrian/anti-Hezbollah faction. It’s a frame up, pure and simple. And thanks to the Lebanese bloggers, it’s been detonated.

Here’s a video that puts it all together. I wonder if this will get picked up in the Lebanese media.

Everyone here recognize the fake “Lebanese Forces militiaman” in the photo, incidentally? Sure you do.