Video: Dennis Miller makes his endorsement for 2008

I can think of two reasons why it’ll never happen, with a third a distinct possibility. First, McCain and Giuliani are both egomaniacs. Neither would be willing to fill the bottom of the ticket. Second, they’re both perceived as socially liberal (somewhat unfairly in McCain’s case). The GOP needs at least one social con on the ballot, which is why Romney’s practically guaranteed the VP slot if he wants it.

And third, Rudy might not be running.

Good stuff from DM otherwise, though, especially the bit on Edwards. I should probably cut a few clips of Chuck Norris from the rest of the show; I learned a few new cool facts about him by watching. Cool fact about Chuck Norris: he’s visibly uncomfortable speaking extemporaneously. Cool fact about Chuck Norris: English appears to be his second, or possibly third, language. Those sorts of facts.

I admire his taste in politicians, though. Newt “Graingrich” is a pretty impressive guy.