Video: Gates says the anti-surge resolution "emboldens the enemy"

If you haven’t signed the pledge yet, now’s your chance.

Update: Mitch McConnell: “This is it.”

Update: CNN’s got a copy of the early draft of McCain’s resolution. Bet-hedging with an eye to 2008 or grudging compromise to draw support from the other resolutions?

While acknowledging that “past mistakes in U.S. strategy” have led to a “dire security situation in Iraq,” it presents 11 different “political, economic, and military benchmarks” the Iraqi government “must make visible, concrete progress toward meeting.”

The benchmarks include: taking over security in all provinces “in a timely manner;” “disarming militias and ensuring security forces are accountable to the central government;” distributing oil profits to all Iraqis “in an equitable manner;” “conducting provincial elections;” and ensuring that billions of dollars in reconstruction funds are distributed to Sunni neighborhoods in Baghdad and the largely Sunni Anbar Province.