Hannity to air controversial scene removed from "Path to 9/11"

Sunday night at 9. Will free speech zealot Hammerin’ Harry Reid threaten Fox’s broadcast license for showing it?

Fox News recorded video of the unedited scene during a January 19 speech given by “Path” writer-producer Cyrus Nowrasteh at California State University, Channel Islands, in Camarillo, where he explained his side of the story and screened the footage. Because it was a public event, Fox News said, it was able to record the video and the speech.

“Hannity’s America” senior producer John Finley said Fox News captured about 2-1/2 minutes of unedited footage and plans to show the scene, said to be of good quality, in its entirety as part of a roughly 15-minute segment centered around the scene itself. During the segment, Sean Hannity will interview Nowrasteh as well as Michael Scheuer, the former CIA agent who created and advised a secret CIA unit for tracking and eliminating bin Laden.

We have a few more readers now than we did back in early September, when the “Path” frenzy erupted, so some of you might have missed this the first time around. I’m not 100% sure this is the scene Hannity’s planning to show, but I’m 95% sure. “Edited” is what actually made it onto the air; “Unedited” is what ABC was planning to show before the left went ballistic at the thought of fictionalized scenes being used to depict the Clenis’s miserable, abject failure in fighting terrorism. The man on the video screen who pulls the plug is supposed to be former NSA/notorious document thief Sandy Berger. Enjoy.