Disbarred, disgraced, race-baiting moron defends Nifong

I wanted the headline to be “…defends other disbarred, disgraced, race-baiting moron,” but we’ll have to wait until the disciplinary hearing to see about that first part.

It’s Alton Maddox, co-perpetrator with Al Sharpton of the Tawana Brawley rape hoax that temporarily poisoned race relations in New York City and around the country. Who better to defend the man affectionately known to millions as “that rat bastard”?

Our legal system misses you, counselor. Our legal system misses this:

The most important question in this case, based on biology, should be answered in a court of law. After the white lacrosse players watched this Black female shake her butt and private parts, in a sexually arousing fashion, did their white phalluses come to attention? Being full-blooded males, what made the phalluses come to “at ease?” In other words, what happened next? This is the answer that North Carolina is seeking to cover up.