Video: Pelosi's daughter talks evangelical Christians on H&C Updated by Hot Air's resident evangelical

Tonight’s the night. Sounds like a humdinger.

The questions, rather than being confrontational, are inoffensive or, at best (or worst), gently mocking. Descending upon a Burger King parking lot full of souped-up cars – the staging area for a Georgia driving club called Cruisers for Christ – she asks drivers what sort of car Jesus might have driven.

I don’t much like the question, but I loved one answer: “He might have driven a Chrysler.”

She had hours and hours of footage to cull. Here’s a snippet of something that made the final 60-minute cut:

“You know all the surveys say that evangelicals have the best sex life of any other group,” [Ted] Haggard waggishly told a documentary filmmaker a few months before his secret came out. On “Friends of God: A Road Trip With Alexandra Pelosi,” which will be shown tonight on HBO, Mr. Haggard coaxes a member of his congregation to say how often he has sex with his wife (“Every day. Twice a day.”) and how often she climaxes (“Every time”).

You could almost see the wrathful lightning bolt striking down from the heavens.

Note the exchange with Hannity about agendas towards the end.

Update (Bryan): From a reader:

Native of Atlanta. Raised up in Lithia Springs (Ga.) First Baptist Church. Attended college in Alabama. Married a native of Crawford County, Ohio. Never lived north of Dalton, Ga., until I was 38 years old. Attend church regularly.

I am as Red-State Bible Belt as you could ask for… I had NEVER heard the expression “Hell’s Box Office” until I clicked on that video and saw Nancy Pelosi’s daughter say it on “H&C.”

I am sick and tired of these ridiculous smears of the Religious Right. This is just a bunch of rich city slickers propagating stereotypes about country rubes. This betrays a prejudice that is about as “sophisticated” as “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

This experience is a lot like my own: Born and raised near Dallas. Southern Baptist since I was conscious. Never once in my life heard “Hell’s Box Office” before Alexandra Pelosi inflicted it on me in that clip. Not once.

Pelosi’s smear is similar to Andrew Sullivan’s “Christian Reconstructionists” nonsense. There might be 50 of those guys in the whole country, but Sullivan uses them to smear the other 20 to 50 million evangelicals even though we’ve never heard of them and those of us who have heard of them (through Sullivan’s rants) disagree with them. The Hell’s Box Office thing is probably the saying in one church where Pelosi happened to conduct her zoological research. It is certainly not a dominant meme in the hallowed halls of megachurches throughout these United States.

So basically, she’s full of it.