Video: Iraqi Shiite soldiers put the boots to Sunni insurgents

…while U.S. troops sit by and gawk. You’re seeing the cancer of Iraqi sectarian violence play out before your eyes, and you’re also seeing three filthbags who were caught with mortars get a taste of rough justice. It’s impossible to watch without feeling ambivalent — unless of course you’re a practitioner of the “conservatism of doubt,” in which case your heart will swell with ache and your only doubt will be how best to express your fulsome, bloodless, tendentious sanctimony about the affront here to the rule of law.

If you haven’t read INDC Bill’s post about recruitment day in Fallujah, scroll through it before you watch. The boy on the bed about two-thirds of the way down is the victim of a mortar attack. It wasn’t a direct hit, thankfully, so he only lost part of his knee instead of part of his head. Just a little background “nuance” to bear in mind when the poor naif in the video gets the business end of a rifle butt.

You might (but probably won’t) recognize the cryptkeeper at the beginning of the clip. It’s Jon Snow, who was last seen in these parts putting on a show of anti-Israeli bias so astonishing that even now it remains a benchmark for the rest of the Palestinian apologists in the British media. Don’t bother pointing out to Snow the dangers of mortar attacks; if Hamas rockets blowing Israelis to pieces don’t faze him, Iraqi shells won’t either.

You’ll be glad to know, incidentally, that the Iraqi parliament convened this afternoon to talk about security, and that the debate turned into a complete and total fiasco live on national television. The Sadrists seem pretty psyched about the Baghdad battle plan, too. What could go wrong?