New DLC Chair Ford: "I love Jesus, I love girls, and I absolutely love football"

As trifectas go, you can do worse than that. Jesus is a late addition, but better late than never.

Here’s his first editorial for the DLC’s magazine. Like Clinton at his best, it’s well meaning yet gaseous:

First, on the most urgent challenge, Iraq, Democrats should not adopt an “I told you so” approach after the Iraq Study Group’s central finding that the situation in Iraq is dire and that we need to change course. Positive and concrete options are needed — including careful consideration of partitioning the country — to bring enough stability and security to Iraq to convert it from civil war to independence. The Iraq Study Group’s 79 recommendations are a good start, but we should not be afraid to be even bolder if that is what it takes to get things right. Any solution in Iraq may require sending more troops in the short-term to stem the violence — but we should do so only if Iraqis demonstrate the willingness and the ability to rebuild their own country now. With a consensus plan in place and a realistic endgame in sight, the American people will unite behind a greater short-term commitment.

I want to like the guy. Notwithstanding his campaign’s eleventh-hour descent into jackassery, I try to like the guy.

But how can you like someone who looks like someone you hate?